Micro ATM POS Machine

Ongo Brand MPS is offered by INDIA TRANSACT PVT LTD.

 Indezon Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is authorized to sell product given by India Transact Ltd,a sister concern of AGS India ltd.

Ongo MPOS BP 50 /BP 5000 is a  Swipe machine which gives merchant all Credit and Debit card swipe facility. It is available in various variant like MPOS /GPRS/Wifi and lots of other product like billing machine, Bharat QRCode etc.

 Indezon Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is offering Distributor for ONGO Brand swipe machine under our Banner.

We arrange MPOs and other swipe machine which is used for debit and credit card swipe, in rural India it is used for cash withdrawal cash@POS swipe

We sell and distributors liable to get monthly commission.


Terms & Conditions.

1. Distributors/Agents should keep MPOS properly as damaged product not returned.

2. Once product sold out no Refund Policy is available under any circumstances.

Commission is governed by External agency we are not liable to any rules change in future. We follow rules of RBI/VISA/RUPAY and other agency associated with this machine.

4. All MDR Charge on Credit card/Debit Card sale transactions  is governed by Govt, company is not liable for any policy change by RBI or any other agency as applicable.

5. All commission paid by us to distributors is subject to agreement with us and rules defined in the agreement.

6. Delivery time of stock vary as per availability. Current Waiting time is 20 working days.

7. In case of cancellation expenses incurred and taxes are not refunded.

8. KYC is needed in both physical and soft copy signed by agents as per bank guidelines.

 Model-BP 50 Ongo Swipe machine