Micro ATM Machine

Spice Money Mini Atm

Rs. 5,000

Spice Money Mini Atm

Rs. 4,947Rs. 5,100  (3% Off)

Spice Money Mini Atm

Rs. 4,950Rs. 5,000  (1% Off)

Top Benefits of Micro ATM Machine

As the name implies Micro ATM is a mini ATM machine with extended feature of POS Machine.
While POS machine is used for Debit card sale transaction,
Mini ATM is used for cash withdrawal transaction just like we go to various banks ATM and withdraw
cash, check balance and get mini statement like Bank ATM.

Companies Providing Micro ATM Machine.

1. Spice Money: Spice Mini ATM is providing this machine as very low cost and buyers need
provide KYC details and Banks accounts. This machine is providing instant settlement in
digital wallet. A customer can do 5 transactions in months and after that it is chargeable.
Other benefits to customers if buying this machine is he can do other transactions like AEPS,
Money transfer, BBPS, Recharge .Insurance and Travels products which is linked to this
Machine User Id. There is no monthly rent. Commission is paid for each cash withdrawal and
hence customer can earn huge money with Low investment.
2. FINO Payment Banks: This bank is also providing Machine with some more features which is
mentioned in Spice Money ATM, Its has also features of account opening which makes its
unique in this category. However this machine carries with its Monthly fixed rental which is
deducted from its account of retailers. Settlement is provided on T+1 Basis.
3. Oxigen Micro ATM: One of the oldest names in this category of providing this machine is
Oxigen services, It is most demanded product in this industry due to its unique features of
card payment, AEPS, Domestic Money transfer and recharge facilities .The use can also login
in Computer user id which makes it easy for getting details of transaction.
4. Alankit Limited AEPS machine: They are also one of the vendors who deal with AEPS POS
Machine along with Mini ATM POS Machine.

Most Trusted Brand for Buying this Micro ATM.

Indiaeasymart is one the most trusted brand if buyers want to avail these services. We not only
provide end products to customers but also arrange speedy activation of these services. After
activation we also arrange online training to our vendors. Vendors can ask for charges and
commission before applying and be assured that whatever is communicated is provided on
minimum delivery time.