How do I start with

Ans: Go to Business Listing option in and put your request or signup for free or call to our customer care executive-7065899991 to get free listing.

What are the documents required to register as a seller?

Ans: Self Attested Pan card/Address Proof/Mobile no/Email id and Business proof is required to get your registered.

Can I apply both products and services on IEM?

Ans: Yes both can be applied for listing.

Who will Send Product and deliver services?

Ans: You will be responsible for delivery of product and Services, its warranty and guarantee.

How will be prices decided?

Ans: You can charge your product and services cost from customer based on predetermined price with mutual consent of customer. Bills need to be given by you along with Taxes if any.

Can I complain against buyers and where do I file complain?

Ans: It’s your decision in case of dispute; IEM is not a party to any dispute.

How will dispute resolved with Buyer?

Ans:By delivering actual product and services  within agreed time or refund the buyers in predefined timeline.IEM will not be a party to resolving dispute.Buyers Column: Order with us

What is the role of IEM in B2B market Place?

Ans: We are offering listing of seller and providing you products and services at reasonable price. You can choose the product or any services and order it freely without any hesitation .IEM will help you to meet seller locally or at India level.

How do I order services given with

Ans: You can call to our Customer care no or apply it online by paying to our company. We  will pay to seller once product is delivered to you.

When will I pay for service?

Ans: As per agreed terms with sellers

When I will pay for Products?

Ans: As per agreed terms with sellers

Is Cash on Delivery Possible?

Ans: As per agreed terms with sellers or vendors.

Who will deliver or provide service offered in IEM?

Ans: Sellers listed in IEM Portal, IEM is not responsible for delivery of any product or services

How will be prices for services are decided?

Ans: As per agreed terms with sellers or vendors.

Is is responsible for any delay or defect in service?


What if Seller takes price and unable to deliver Product or services?

Ans:Can complain to our helpline no , we will try to resolve if possible. You can pay to us and we will pay once you confirm delivery.

Where will I complain in IEM against Seller?

Ans:Our helpline no-7065899991 or write mail to

How will dispute resolved be resolved with Seller?

Ans: Mutual agreement with sellers or ask for refund for undue delay of product or services. No claim can be done once complaint is not done after 48 hours of delivery. Services if already provided can’t be refunded but improved. Buyers need to check before any deal is done.

What protection does IEM offer to seller in case of lost or damaged goods and fraudulent customer claims or claim that product or services not received even if delivered by seller?

 Ans:Its sellers consent to send products,IEM is not responsible for claim

What protection does IEM offer to buyer in case of lost or damaged goods is delivered?

Ans: If reported within 48 hours of delivery, buyers can claim refund if payment is made to us. Buyers need to resend the product then only we will refund with mutual consent of sellers.

What protection does IEM offer to buyer in case service listed in IEM is not provided after taking payment?

Ans: No protection is provided in case of services but buyers can ask to improve services:

Would I get compensation if the goods are damaged or lost in transit?

Ans:IEM is not party for any dispute. Sellers will be responsible to take goods back.

What is Company name?

Ans: Indezon Business Solution private Limited. You can check from ROC Site of Government of India

What is registered address and company details?

And :You can find in Contact us section along with Banking Details ,Incorporation No ,Pan No and GST No.

When was it formed?

Ans: Although working since 2017 but Indezon was formed in 2018.

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